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  • Lokeren - 09/348.38.45
    Groendreef 31
  • Dendermonde - 052/25.87.42
    Begijnhoflaan 1
  • Hamme - 052/49.99.72
    Verbindingsstraat 66

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Why would you learn Dutch?

Why would you learn Dutch?
Reading, writing and speaking Dutch fluently?

That is what you learn in our courses of "Nederlands Tweede Taal" (= Dutch as a Second Language) in Dendermonde, Hamme, Lokeren en Zele.

You learn the Dutch language step by step in pleasant lessons which link up well with your social world. A team of experienced teachers is available to help you how to communicate in our society, how to apply, ...

You can choose courses of six or twelve hours a week and our school offers Dutch courses up to the highest level (RG 4.2).

There are no exams. The teacher will constantly evaluate your progress and will help and encourage you during your study.

Everybody who wants to attend a Dutch course has to pass through the "Huis van het Nederlands" first. 

hvhnHuis van het Nederlands Oost-Vlaanderen

This "Huis van het Nederlands" screens you and directs you to the correct course.
You can make an appointment with a "Huis van het Nederlands" in

  • Dendermonde, Stationsstraat 8 - (052) 46 41 29
  • Hamme op het gemeentehuis, Marktplein 1 - (052) 46 41 29 of (0495) 20 62 64
  • Lokeren, Durmelaan 36 - 0495 20 99 30
  • Zele op het gemeentehuis, Markt 50 - (0495) 20 99 30